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Dr Wallach's Pig Pack

The Pig Pack is an all-natural, common sense method of supporting the body in its effort to achieve optimal musculo-skeletal health. Each component of Dr. Wallach's revolutionary formula plays a special role in rebuilding and strengthening bone and cartilage and in regenerating the soft tissues in our joints (e.g. tendons, ligaments, muscle).

The Ultimate GlucoGel, for example, supplies the three nutrients, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and collagen used in the formation of cartilage and bone matrix (soft part of the bone). The Majestic Earth Colloidal Minerals make their contribution by binding, by locking in to this gelatinous material to form hardened bone.

The Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic speeds the process by delivering vitamins and amino acids to act as co-factors and catalysts. In this way the Pig Pack (PP) does its job, essentially, by replenishing the very nutrients our bones lose as we age. Dr. Wallach includes the calcium enriched orange juice both to mask the rather bitter taste of the ME Minerals, and to provide more of the all important bone mineral, calcium. An even better source of calcium and one designed by Dr. Wallach to complement the Pig Pack, is Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth OsteoFx included in his Pig Pack Plus.

Although the Pig Pack is only one of several Specialty Health Packs Dr. Wallach offers, we list it here, in a category of its own, due to the close association it has enjoyed, over the years with Dr. Wallach, himself, and with Dr. Wallach's famous, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" audio tape. Many, following Dr. Wallach's advice on the audio tape, who find their way to optimal sustainable health through supplementation, do so using the Pig Pack as their point of entry.

Formulated as a natural and safe alternative to the drugs and surgeries that are typically prescribed for various musculo-skeletal complaints (NSAIDS, steroids, joint replacement, etc.), the Pig Pack can also serve to establish a "baseline" of essential nutrient intake. After all, it contains 87 of the 90 nutrients essential to human health and in a form the body can easily recognize and use. For those in a state of skeletal decline the Pig Pack is a wonderful ally and a great place to start. For those whose health goals are more general, please click here to Wallach's Protocol: The Essential 90 or Mighty 90.

The concept behind the Pig Pack is simple : give your body the raw material it needs to rebuild, regenerate and repair bone and cartilage and it will do so. In trying to imagine how this happens it is useful to think of yourself as a stone mason, building a wall. You take in a little mortar in the form of the Gluco Gel, wash it down with a glass of orange juice and then add the stones in the form of the Majestic Earth Minerals and the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. Instead of building a stout wall, though, you are shoring up your entire musculo-skeletal system, giving bones a chance to regain tensile strength.

Dr Wallach suggests:

To maximize the effectiveness of the Pig Pack it is important to avoid mineral leaching foods such as sugar, phosphoric acid (Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, etc.) and caffeine.

Dr. Wallach's "Start Smart" Protocol
Supplementing with the 90 Essential Nutrients to Achieve Optimal Sustainable Health

According to Dr. Wallach, no matter a person's age, sex, personal background or health challenge, the place to start when it comes to smart supplementation is with the basics: with taking in all 90 nutrients essential to human health on a daily basis. Just as we each need a daily intake of pure water, refreshing sleep and clean air, we also all need a daily intake of essential nutrients: the 60 essential minerals, the 12 essential vitamins, the 16 different essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) and the 3 essential fatty acids. Ideally, we would be able to obtain the essential 90 from the foods we eat. Sadly, though, due to the sort of agriculture that has been practiced the past 100 years, acid rain, the phenomena of nutritionally empty fast and processed food and a variety of other factors, even the USDA now admits that it is impossible to get all the nutrition we need from the food we eat. Without air we die in a few minutes. Without water we last a day or so. Neglect one essential nutrient or group of nutrients and, over time, inevitably, we fall victim to one or more of 900 different nutritional deficiency diseases, from heart disease and diabetes to loose teeth and gray hair. So the best insurance policy there is and the most significant step forward any of us can make toward reclaiming, achieving and sustaining optimal health is to establish a "baseline" or nutritional foundation of the essential 90.

Many visitors here at http://www.supralife.org, though they may be arriving fresh from hearing Dr. Wallach's powerful message of health through self-health, are still stuck in the old modality of "one pill for every ill." They scour our site, looking for a disease-specific product that will rid them of a particular annoying symptom. But reclaiming health through smart supplementation does not work that way. Nutrients are not medicine or drugs. Drugs force an effect but often at the cost of incurring dangerous side effects. Nutrients, on the other hand, work with the body's own, innate intelligence, supplying the body with an entire workshop of tools it knows precisely how to use to achieve, protect, preserve and extend its own peak health, all without risk or side effects.

While a health challenge, for example, hypertension, might be traced to a calcium deficiency (80% of the cases can), just taking in extra calcium is not, necessarily, the answer. After all, the body works in balance. Too much of a specific nutrient can throw the body out of balance. Too much calcium, for example, especially unescorted calcium or the wrong kind of calcium, can contribute to hardening of the arteries which, in turn can eventually, squeeze down the arteries shooting up blood pressure numbers. Achieving optimal health through smart supplementation is actually sort of like raising a healthy crop. A skilled gardener will start with the basics of rich, fertile soil and adequate water and sunshine and then let the plant do the rest. Similarly, once you supply your own body with a daily intake of the essential 90, chances are your body, too, will do the rest, paying you back over time for your attentiveness, with a handsome harvest of health dividends.

A visit to Dr. Wallach's Online Catalog will reveal over 250 individual wellness products. Certainly each has its own application and use and can add to a person's quality of life. However, rather than a scattershot approach, the most efficient, least expensive and logical way to make good use of Dr. Wallach's supplement offerings is to start with the "core" supplements, the three supplements that establish a baseline nutritional foundation of the essential 90. After 90 days of saturating one's system in the essential 90 most people find that they need not pile on with the specialty products. It all depends on the individual, really. If you have neglected your health, over the years, if your diet has been poor, then, perhaps stronger measures will be called for. But see what you get with the essential 90, first, is Dr. Wallach's advice. Keep it simple. Keep it low tech. Keep it safe (the specialty supplements are safe but drugs certainly are not!) and keep it at a relatively low cost.

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