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HGH Precursor is a combination of amino acids and other nutrients proven to increase your endogenous levels of HGH and associated metabolic hormones. HGH Precursor

Youngevity's world renowned product formulators have produced a proprietary formula to stimulate the release of HGH in your body, to slow aging. To make this proprietary formula even more synergistic, we've added our patented Vilcabamba Mineral Essence.

Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D. states in his books Grow Young With HGH and Stopping The Clock, the benefits of increased HGH are:

  •   Lose fat, gain muscle
  •   Increase energy level
  •   Enhance sexual performance
  •   Improve skin elasticity
  •   Improve vision
  •   Improve quality of sleep
  •   Improve cholesterol profile
  •   Promotes optimal health and well-being
  •   Promotes healthy cardiovascular function


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 The Benefits of our Premium H.G.H. are unbelievable. Many of our customers have commented that within 3 days they feel a deeper sleep. Within 20 days they notice that their muscles are firm & they feel less fat. Within 30 days they have noticed a heightened sexual desire

Take 6 Capsules Daily At Bedtime..

Tip: Keep this bottle near your toothbrush and take after brushing your teeth before bed.

Supplement Facts

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H.G.H. Precursors

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