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66 daily Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant + Nutrients and Essential Oils

The most convenient way to get 66 daily Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant + Nutrients and Essential Oils. Youngevity's scientist, Dr. Richard Cutler, a former lead biochemist on Anti-Aging with the National Institute on Aging for 19 years is quoted: "This is the strongest daily anti-aging Program on the market today. The benefits I receive from the Anti-Aging Daily Premium Pak are a higher energy level, greater vitality and libido, enhanced immunity while reversing aging everyday!"


  • Daily Premium Multiple
  • Premium Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables
  • Super Cell Protector
  • Premium Bone Building Formula
  • Premium Essential Fatty Acids Complex & CoQ10
  • Premium Anti-Oxidant Complex
  • Anti-Aging Serum by Youngevity

    Youngevity - Our Products - Be Beautiful

    Bone Builder Formula by Youngevity

    Day & Night Revitalizing Moisturizer by Youngevity

    Dr Joel Wallach Colloidal Minerals Youngevity Dead Doctors Dont Lie

    Benefits gained from daily supplemental regimen of vitamins and minerals:

    • Promotes energy levels

    • Supports the immune system

    • Neutralizes free radicals

    • Fortifies bone structure

    • Promotes efficient digestion

    • Lengthens physical endurance

    Supplemental Facts:
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