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Healing America Detoxal 21 (90 ct.)
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Item #: HTG-130
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Item #:HTG-130
Healing America Detoxal21 (90 ct.)
Healing America Detoxal 21 gives your body the assistance it needs to eliminate parasites of all kinds. Detoxal 21 incorporates extracts of classic vermicide (parasite killing) and vermifuge (parasite expelling) herbs – Black Walnut green hull, Wormwood, Clove and Gentian root. Detoxal 21 also provides two of the most powerful natural antimicrobials known – patented stabilized allicin (Garlic extract) and Grapefruit seed extract. These extracts are effective against all types of harmful organisms - worms, protozoa, yeasts, harmful bacteria, and viruses. *

What exactly is a parasite? The scientific definition is “a plant or animal organism that lives in or on, and takes its nourishment from, another organism, which it often injures.” Intestinal parasites range from microscopic, single-celled protozoan to yard-long tapeworms.

Parasites in their larval stage are consumed in uncooked or undercooked meat and seafood or on unwashed fresh fruits and vegetables. Because these are some of the primary vectors for parasites, food handlers are often inadvertently responsible for the the rising number of infestations in the U.S. today. Many food handlers are recent immigrants from countries where parasitic infestation rates are significantly higher than in the U.S.

Transmission of parasites is also increased among kids in daycare centers and schools, where they come in contact with many more infected children. An additional problem is keeping pets with us in living quarters. Dogs can transmit 65 known parasites to humans, while cats carryabout 40 that affect people. Pinworm is the most common helminthic (or "worm") infection in the US. It is most commonly transmitted person-to-person, especially through the handling of contaminated clothes and bed linens. Pinworm can also be acquired through coming in contact with contaminated surfaces like curtains and carpeting. Kind of makes you think twice about that nice "clean" hotel room you may be staying in on your next vacation, doesn't it?

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